“Final Expense” or Burial Benefits

Not the easiest topic to write about, but one that is vitally necessary.

The first benefit we want to talk with our readers about is the benefit of peace of mind, particularly for those we leave behind.

Anyone who has had to “help the transition” from life to death for a friend, relative, family member knows the tremendous amount of work done from the moment the person “passes”.  It starts with hundreds of questions that need to be answered for the issuance of the death certificate. It has to do with information for the obituary.   Then starts the process of is the “transition” to involve a full blown funeral? If so, where? Who will be the pallmearers? What is the desired music? Is there an officiating minister? Or is there to be a simple cremation? With or without a viewing? What becomes of the ashes?

All these questions need to be answered in some of the moments of highest stress.But much of that stress can be avoided if this information is prepared in advance and kept updated, and as a senior benefit, we are happy to sit down with you and present you with a nice booklet where you can begin to Get Your House In Order.

At that little “sit down” we’ll also share with you some anticipated costs, and help you evaluate with your current assets how you can manage theee. The  most common way is a specialized type of insurance called “Final Expense Insurance” and it can be obtained by virtually any person, or any age, and regardless of standard or normal insurability for life insurance.. This benefit, when issued, will be issued tax free.

If you have not considered the senior final expense benefit, this is the time.

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PS.. We’ll also help you with information on free govt provided funeral expenses and information on National Cemeteries (one just south of Wellington on SR7).

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