Senior Dental Benfits

There’s two things to consider in the area of Senior Dental Benefits. One obviously is the dentist and the care, but the other thing is how you are going to pay for those benefits.

As we age, so do the fillings we had done 30 years ago and they can crack and quickly lead to an infected root which means an expensive root canal job. Gums recede and this leads to another whole set of problems.

Trouble is that these problems can take major money to correct.

You may think you are covered as you have dental insurance, and as you have not really used it much in the past other than for cleanings, xrays, and possibly an occasional filling… you just are not aware of some of the shortcomings. The first one is that many policies auto cancel or are not in force beyond the age 65.

Another pitfall is that the maximum benefit paid in any given year may only be $1000 or $1500. My friend, for major dental work that gets you nothing!

Then many plans have waiting periods and if you are just thinking of taking a new plan out, you may not have the coverage when y ou need it.

Fortunately here in Fl (one of only 3 states with this plan) there is a good senior dental benefit that has none of these pitfalls. YOu can contact the webmaster for information or get it on your own at

This is a benefit every senior should know about, even those with dentures.

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