Have You Passed Your Last Chance for Life Insurance?

Last Chance to Purchase Life Insurance?

Life insurance premiums are based on age and health risk. The older you are, the moreexpensive it becomes to purchase coverage. And once you pass age 70 or develop significant health problems, buying additional coverage may be difficult, costly or impossible.

If you are not sure you have enough life insurance to meet your needs, ask yourself these few very important questions:

▪           Do you have enough life insurance to cover your final expenses?

▪           Will your family be able to give me the kind of funeral you want and deserve?

▪           Will there be enough money to take care of your debts and other financial obligations?

▪           Will your family have what they need after you’re gone?

▪           Would you like to continue helping them?

▪           Would you like to leave a large donation to a favorite charity or church?

I can review your current coverage and help you determine if you need more. Because of your age or health, today may be your last chance to purchase additional life insurance. If you want to meet these needs, please don’t delay. Call me today! (561 214 4709)

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