Senior Personal Financial Assistant/Assistance

Many seniors (and soon-to-be-seniors (people 55 and over)) face some unique challenges. In some cases, these people are now away from the routine of working and keeping up with events; possibly for various reasons they have not kept up with technology dealing with personal finances, and in some “worst case” situations, the person has lost a spouse who handled so many matters. Having to do the most simple routine tasks can be overwhelming.

There may be no one to step in and help, particularly a person with no vested interest in trying to benefit from “managing” the finances.

This is where Jane M Freedman of JMF Associates can be of tremendous help. As a senior herself with over 25 years of experience in the  financial world (plus impressive academic credentials), we are happy to recommend her.

What Jane can do for you includes:

  • Assist with writing checks
  • Paying Bills
  • Keeping checkbook balances and reconciling those.
  • Compare statements with purchase and income stubs to make sure all is being credited.
  • Checking credit card statements for accuracy.
  • Other book keeping such as organizing
  • Referrals to professionals in fields of insurance, investments.

When you contact Jane (and all contacts are client initiated); she will NOT call you, you can expect a courteous appointment to be made in your home and a “needs assessment” be done at no fee. She will then estimate the number of hours of her services you may need, and will give you the approximate cost with hourly rates ranging from $25 and up depending on the complexity of needs.

Lastly, be aware that this involves ONLY contracted hourly services. Jane is not affiliated with  or sells any financial product. She contracts for SERVICES only. You will not be “sold” and only hear from  any sales person if you ask her for referrals, and YOUR name will not be given out. It will be your decision to contact any referral.

A contract will be accomplished between yourself and JMF clearly outlining duties and responsibilities, and of course, the statement of full confidentiality. No friends, neighbors, or relatives will be consulted without your specific consent. JMF is bonded and carries comprehensive Errors and Omissions Insurance.

For your complimentary appointment to see if this benefit is for you, contact Ms Jane Freedman, Managing Director, JMF Associates,  561 863 5518.

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  1. Jane M. Freedman

    You spelled Jan instead of Jane on the third to the last paragraph. Thanks a lot, it looks great.
    Jane M. Freedman


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