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Emergency Senior Medical Records Access

In a medical emergency, everyone would agree that time is of the essence in treating the patient, but doing the “right” treatment often must consider the person’s medical history. So many times for seniors, there is no spouse, companion, or other to ask, particularly if the patient is unable to answer questions or respond on their own.

A very unique and affordable senior benefit is a service offered by PHR solutions that makes the senior’s medical records virtually instantly available to the first responders, and in saving the time, may well make the difference between a life and death outcome.

We are pleased to know Laurel Bennett, CSE, MBA as a local representative for PHR, and a person who can explain the service and help the interested party enroll. If you are :the person” or a care taker, family member, etc, you can contact Laurel right here in Palm Beach county at 561 379 5335. We are happy to present this as a SE Florida Senior Solution to this vital problem




Unique Prescription Drug Copay Assistance

There is a rather unique but not well known program for Rx drug assistance.  As the criteria for qualification may change between the updates of this post, we will just provide the link to this resource..  We do have clients using it.

To learn more and see if you might qualify, CLICK HERE.


(posted Jul 2, 2013)