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How Can I Help My Grandkids with College

There are many ways.  If they are close to college now, the obvious is about every dollar you can send will help.  But there may be some serious limits on how much that can be.

What about my “young” grandchildren… possibly combined with a limited “help” budget?

We have a simple answer but before we say it “directly” let’s consider a couple key things: You want to have what ever you can do GROW and grow at the best POSSIBLE SAFE rate possible. Those are two key words. So you don’t want to RISK putting $X into an invetment for them, only to have the investment (Probably market) crash.   Take these two things together.

You may want to be able to either do a lump sum or do a certain amount monthly, and have the ability to change that.

OK.. We have just the vehicle!  If you would like now to discuss some specifics, as to  how much $50 a month could become from the time the “baby” is born until he or she goes to college, contact me.. Joe.. 321 821 5393