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A New Strategy for Saving Money: Aug 2015

A New Strategy for Saving Money: Aug 2015

atretch2Actually, the strategy has been around for a while, but not the tools/plans/policies to impliment it.

Elsewhere in this web site we have discussed the relative merits of medicare supplement vs medicare advantage plans.  We know that with a medicare supplement plan like plan F, we basically prepay for every expense we might have (except for prescriptions which are covered under a Part D plan). It’s a great idea, and with an eye on the real purpose of insurance  (cover worst case years), it makes sense.  The big problem is that the typical $250/mo per person is out of reach for many seniors.

The other most common option is a Medicare Advantage plan, offered at $0/mo prem or low costs, depending on the insurance company.. and this is “pay as you go”, with a max out of pocket limit in the area of three times the max out of pocket of a Med Sup plan.   If you have a healthy year with few needs.. you win, but let’s think again.. the reason for insurance is to protect you in a BAD year.  Now you are looking at MOOPs of over $6000.

Is there an answer?   There is, and it’s what this is about. But first, let’s think where most of the “pay as you go” expenses in a Med Advantage plan are going to come from. That is hospital expenses.  You pay up front and dearly for those   costs.   So what is the answer for a person with a limited budget but who wants to avoid the high use costs?

The answer is to take the MA plan that suits you best, but to that, add a Hospital Expense plan.  These are offered by at least 3 national providers, and in the range of $35 per month and up, depending on the coverage you want. $50 might be more typical, but compared to $350 or so plus for a Med supplement, this makes sense.

Ask me (or your agent, if not me) about the details.



How Can I Help My Grandkids with College

There are many ways.  If they are close to college now, the obvious is about every dollar you can send will help.  But there may be some serious limits on how much that can be.

What about my “young” grandchildren… possibly combined with a limited “help” budget?

We have a simple answer but before we say it “directly” let’s consider a couple key things: You want to have what ever you can do GROW and grow at the best POSSIBLE SAFE rate possible. Those are two key words. So you don’t want to RISK putting $X into an invetment for them, only to have the investment (Probably market) crash.   Take these two things together.

You may want to be able to either do a lump sum or do a certain amount monthly, and have the ability to change that.

OK.. We have just the vehicle!  If you would like now to discuss some specifics, as to  how much $50 a month could become from the time the “baby” is born until he or she goes to college, contact me.. Joe.. 321 821 5393

Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement–Which is Best

Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement
Which is Best?

Have you given this any serious consideration? You should, because other than plain Original Medicare, these are you only two choices.. and Original Medicare, with all it’s potential for serious financial damage should not even be in the picture.. PERIOD!

My name is Joe Leech; I’m a senior myself (77) plus a long time professional in the health insurance profession. I hope I have your attention. This will be a serious discussion; it is NOT a sales presentation.

So the question is: “Which is Best?”

There is no pat answer for every single person, but there are two major considerations: One is objective, the other, subjective.

Of the first: It’s economic consideration. A Medicare Supplement plan costs money every month. Some, even “many” people—simply do not have the resources to even consider making the choice. ANY monthly insurance premium forces them out of the market. It may be the choice of eating, paying utilities, or having a med sup insurance. For them, the only clear choice is the best Medicare Advantage plan they can find, including if available, a Medicaid Advantage plan if the economic circumstances qualify them for this. Unfortunately for many in this circumstance, they are not even aware of the extra options they may qualify for. So one answer of the question is this: If economics prohibit the consideration, there Is No Question.

For the rest of the people—: It boils down to this: How Much Risk Are You Willing to Take? Is your bet that you will never come down with a major medical expense, and if you do, you’ll be able to cover it? And how much are you willing to cover?

You may be one of the few that says, “society will take care of me; no hospital will turn me away” and you’d probably be right. You could think: “As long as I have original Medicare, and they will get something, they will take me” Probably right, but you could owe balances for a life time… but what if you don’t want that? And what if your condition is not an emergency? How will you get care? Basic medical providers are daily opting out of taking new Medicare (only) patients, and many are opting out of many of the popular Medicare Advantage networks. Most of those care providing facilities are limited in services, access to the state of art equipment to keep you alive or comfortable. If you are a “charity case?” what kind of care will you realistically receive? Is that a gamble you are willing to take?

Or maybe on the other hand you are one of the rather “well to do”. Your medical bills can run easily into multiple six figures. The point is, would you want your hard earned money to be depleted this way? Relatively routine procedures like knee and hip replacements or bypass procedures can run into high “six figures”. For most of us, those options are simply not acceptable. If they are for you, you may as well stop reading.

If you are still reading, it means you DO have options: A Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan. So which becomes the better choice? What is the criteria for determining that?

It is quite simple: Choose the one with the LEAST out of pocket expense.

You could say to yourself: I expect no out of pocket expense, or playing the odds, I’ll take the plan type with the least regular or monthly out of pocket but look at the plan with the greater monthly (insurance cost), subtract the difference then put that away in a special medical savings account. If something happens, I’ll have the reserves to cover it.

Really? If the difference in monthly premium cost is only $300, and you have good savings habits, you have put away $3600 in a year. But your OOP is $7500. First, did you save so you have it, but more importantly, did you get care you really wanted in a network based probram with choices beingmore and more limited every year?

If not, then it becomes a simple matter of number crunching… but let’s get a little further intro your head:

These are the cold hard facts: A Medicare supplement plan (generally a Plan F or in that family) will always be less than the max out of pocket spent in virtually ANY Medicare Advantage plan and beat it in most cases of being 1/3rd the money, including the premiums.

You can find the max out of pocket (we’ll call MOOP from here) by consulting your official medicare guide provided to you each fall by the government. In there are the MOOPs for all of the major MA plans. They typically run in the area of $6500.

You’ll have to do some research for the MOOPs on Med sup plans. First, as these are not govt funded, the govt does not publish a single place to find them. Next, because there are so many variables, such as your age (does not apply for MA) and also smoking status, the number will vary, and the 3rd variable is the area you live in.

The one thing that does make it easy to compare is the fact that every carriers benefit for any given plan is identical to every other carriers, so all you really need to compare is pricing. .. but even that is not easy because you may not know what plans to use to compare, and not every company offers every plan.

In general, the only two plans to truly use and compare are Plan F and Plan F +. These cover 100% of your costs.

And what is the best way to do that research? Talk with a multi line broker that can offer you the plans from several companies, and always ask him or her for your quote on F and F+. If they can not offer you both of these, time to find a different agent or firm.

As a very general comparison (if you agree that MOOP is the only valid number to look at), a typical MA plan will come in at $6700.

In comparison, a typical F+ plan will come in at $2500.

That is a lot of money!

But there are many other factors that also favor the F./F+. First is that the future OOPS. Most Med Sup plans annual increases are under 5%, and more typically 3.2% on a 10 year running average, and this compares to increases of MOOP of higher percentages with MA.

MA plans typically have been downsizing the actual procedures covered.

MA plans in most cases, particularly if you go for the lowest MOOP which will always be an HMO, restrict you to the places or people you’ll get medical services from. In short, the Insurance Company, not YOU, will be making many of your care choices.

So it boils down to this: Do I want to have lower costs and less risk and also be able to have freedom of choices, or do I want to pay more and have fewer choices? It’s really that simple.

If this makes sense to you, and now that we are in AEP where if you have an MA plan and you want to change to the plan that makes sense, call me, signal me, text me… what ever and let’s sit down and compare and start you on savings.

Contact information: Joe Leech, Leech Insurance /Local Senior Benefits. Com or
phone 561 213 4709:




Emergency Senior Medical Records Access

In a medical emergency, everyone would agree that time is of the essence in treating the patient, but doing the “right” treatment often must consider the person’s medical history. So many times for seniors, there is no spouse, companion, or other to ask, particularly if the patient is unable to answer questions or respond on their own.

A very unique and affordable senior benefit is a service offered by PHR solutions that makes the senior’s medical records virtually instantly available to the first responders, and in saving the time, may well make the difference between a life and death outcome.

We are pleased to know Laurel Bennett, CSE, MBA as a local representative for PHR, and a person who can explain the service and help the interested party enroll. If you are :the person” or a care taker, family member, etc, you can contact Laurel right here in Palm Beach county at 561 379 5335. We are happy to present this as a SE Florida Senior Solution to this vital problem




Unique Prescription Drug Copay Assistance

There is a rather unique but not well known program for Rx drug assistance.  As the criteria for qualification may change between the updates of this post, we will just provide the link to this resource..  We do have clients using it.

To learn more and see if you might qualify, CLICK HERE.


(posted Jul 2, 2013)

Senior Personal Financial Assistant/Assistance

Many seniors (and soon-to-be-seniors (people 55 and over)) face some unique challenges. In some cases, these people are now away from the routine of working and keeping up with events; possibly for various reasons they have not kept up with technology dealing with personal finances, and in some “worst case” situations, the person has lost a spouse who handled so many matters. Having to do the most simple routine tasks can be overwhelming.

There may be no one to step in and help, particularly a person with no vested interest in trying to benefit from “managing” the finances.

This is where Jane M Freedman of JMF Associates can be of tremendous help. As a senior herself with over 25 years of experience in the  financial world (plus impressive academic credentials), we are happy to recommend her.

What Jane can do for you includes:

  • Assist with writing checks
  • Paying Bills
  • Keeping checkbook balances and reconciling those.
  • Compare statements with purchase and income stubs to make sure all is being credited.
  • Checking credit card statements for accuracy.
  • Other book keeping such as organizing
  • Referrals to professionals in fields of insurance, investments.

When you contact Jane (and all contacts are client initiated); she will NOT call you, you can expect a courteous appointment to be made in your home and a “needs assessment” be done at no fee. She will then estimate the number of hours of her services you may need, and will give you the approximate cost with hourly rates ranging from $25 and up depending on the complexity of needs.

Lastly, be aware that this involves ONLY contracted hourly services. Jane is not affiliated with  or sells any financial product. She contracts for SERVICES only. You will not be “sold” and only hear from  any sales person if you ask her for referrals, and YOUR name will not be given out. It will be your decision to contact any referral.

A contract will be accomplished between yourself and JMF clearly outlining duties and responsibilities, and of course, the statement of full confidentiality. No friends, neighbors, or relatives will be consulted without your specific consent. JMF is bonded and carries comprehensive Errors and Omissions Insurance.

For your complimentary appointment to see if this benefit is for you, contact Ms Jane Freedman, Managing Director, JMF Associates,  561 863 5518.

Three Top Seniors Concerns

According to statistics, the three top concerns of seniors are:

  • Sufficient health insurance.

  • Sufficient provisions for final expense and final provisions for survivors

  • Adequete retirement funds

How do you stack up?  Let’s look at each of these three senior benefits in s a littlme more depth.

Health Insurance Benefit

It may seem strange that this is ranked the number one concern as nearly every senior has or is entitled to Medicare. At least the basics can be taken care of.. but no so fast. The concern is “what kind of care will I get if I have to go to the hospital and cant afford the $1184 deductible. Will I even be seen?  Well, if you have to go an an ER, chances are they will treat you first, or at least stablilze you, then ask for payment. Or maybe they will ask “who will be responsible for the bill?”
and you don’t have anyone to sign for you, or you just don’t want to burden family for this?  But the majority of concerns are for the doctor visits and tests. First there is the part B deductible of $147, and then the 20% of everything after this… and some tests such as full blood panels, or an MRI on an outpatient basis (remember, even if you had it done at the hospital and were not admitted, it’s an outpatient procedure)… this could run into several hundred dollars. Do you have a cash reserve set aside to self insure yourself?   If not, then one of the forms of health insurance ia a must for you. Your concern then is “which one” and how do I make sense out of all these choices? This is when you need to call us.

Final Expense Coverage.. The Number 2 Concern

Many people we talk with say, “but I have life insurance” and work under the assumption it will cover everything. Maybe it will, but what if you had term life insurance and the term had expired  which happens with many seniors?  There’s so much more than just final expense coverage that does, or should, concern you. Final planning is something that is neglected by over half of the senior population, and there’s so much more in “planning” than the average person suspects. Let’s face it: some day we are all going to die, and on that day, at least two things are going to happen. The legal system kicks in and suddenly SOMEONE has to answer a whole lot of questions about you. Many have concern benefit entitlements, particularly if you are a veteran. There’s mandatory information for your death certificate. Do you have this all written down where someone can find it? Does that “survivor” know where it is?  If not , you  need to to this and providing you a tool for this is one of the most valuable benefits your “final expense adviser”  or “final events adviser” can help. He or she wants to do more than just sell you a policy.

The other thing that most people do don’t is that some one or some business… usually a funeral director needs to pick up your body, and they want money up front before they do this. One alternative they MAY accept, if planned for in advance, is the assignment of a benefit from a designated final expense policy, but this is NOT always the case. So, while we don’t want to think about this,   it’s important that if you want any control and your body not to sit in a freezer somewhere, that you make some pre arrangements. Are you going to have some type of a standard funeral and burial? Embalming is a must. Or are you going to be immediately cremated? Who knows your decision? Is it current?  This is hard reading, but it has to be dealt with sooner or later. Death can not be indefinitely postponed.  So this  does become a concern, and many of your family members who may be more impacted once you are gone are concerned today. Call us for an appointment and planning book.

Retirement and Lifestyle: The #3 concern

The first concern is “will I be able to retire?” and that term means many different things to different people. I guess to an extent, we all ask that question, so it’s time to maybe “flesh it out” a little. Maybe we can differentiate between “partial retirement” and “full retirement”. Do you have stages and some options. A “partial retirement” might be when you are still working. Not too difficult for many self employed people, but does your line of work allow for essentially “part time”? Would you want to do this? Many don’t have a choice.

For the others, “retirement” essentially translates into the loss of regular employment income. That’s where the definition of retirement starts.

After that, the concern all comes down to money. And then there’s two kinds of money: The money we start out with in retirement and the money we continue to have and have access to. Again, it’s simple. We start out with a certain pile. That pile can either grow or shrink. If we take money out of the pile to live on, however we define our post retirement life style, which for some amounts only to surviorship or being in the holding pattern until death; and for others it means the ability to travel, engage in things we did not have time for when working.. Either way, the pile is going to shrink.. and this is even without inflation.

But the pile does not have to shrink… at least rapidly. You can protect some of that shrinkage, and this is a concern. The average person, or maybe better to say, half of the people we consult with have no idea about this. They have never purchased something like an annuity on their own (they may have had one as part of a company retirement plan)… but there’s fear and concern for many people about even sitting down with a financial helper. Will this cost me a ton of money? Will I get scammed because I’ve heard of so many things like Ponzi Schemes. This blog is for local senior benefits in Palm Beach County and who has not heard of the bilking for retirement money in Palm Beach a few years ago… possibly by intelligent investors? You fear and concern is understandable, but ignoring the problem of the cash pile that  is going to go down does not solve a thing. In short, you have a valid retirement financial concern, but the only way to eliminate it is to start with some action. Call us, let’s talk. I think we can make some sense out of this concern for you.

Long Term Care Concerns… might be ranked #4

Most of the surveys we have studied in preparation for this blog publishing seem to have the propensity to group things in groups of 3. Seems like this is a habit many have, and if the numbers are not sufficient, then other concerns that are noted don’t get categorized. But in our discussions with seniors in their homes, we very often hear “what happens to me or my spouse.if I just can’t manage any more. I’m / he /she is not ill enough to be in a hospital, but care is needed, and for the long term. It’s not that the final days or weeks of transition to death is the main concern because there’s hospice for that, but how about this very common one, other than having some basic care needs like cooking and laundry: demenita or Alzhemiers.  This is a situation calling for being in a long term care facility.

There’s two general categories of those facilities: One category is essentially charity run or govt run. In short, in most of them, life style sucks, but go visit one.  The other category is generally privately run and privately funded. In other words, you pay. These homes come in all sizes and prices and as a blog writer, we can’t make any guarantee statements because like every other thing in life, there are exceptions. BUT.. and this is a BIG BUTT… wouldn’t you want to have some control and choice if  YOU or your loved one had to enter into a long term care facility?

Having a fund for this makes the difference and believe me,  many many many of us have this concern. I’d frankly rate it  in the top 3 some how, but it’s an animal all of it’s own. Believe it or not, it’s not as costly as one might think and the reason is this: Not every one of us Palm Beach county seniors is going to exit our lives with the need for a long term care facility need. So we share the risk across a large pool You may pay for something you never need or use, but don’t you do that with things like automobile insurance? Some medical insurance? Why would this be different.  Think about it. As to being “scammed”, the selling of long term care insurance products is strictly regulated and agents must have special training and certification. And when you deal with a senior specialist such as we are, you  can have comfort in that fact.

Concerns Summarized

We’ve gone over the top four. Your concern might be ranked differently, or maybe until you read this, you did not even feel you had a concern. But now that you are at the bottom of this page, you must recognize that none of these concerns are solved by ignoring them. The first step is to get facts and information and have a discussion with a professional qualified to help. That’s all we ask.

Call us today and say “I’d like to discuss my concerns that you talked about in your Local Senior Benefits Blog”.  No pressure, lots of understanding. As a senior counsellor myself at age 74+, we will be on your side.

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Have You Passed Your Last Chance for Life Insurance?

Last Chance to Purchase Life Insurance?

Life insurance premiums are based on age and health risk. The older you are, the moreexpensive it becomes to purchase coverage. And once you pass age 70 or develop significant health problems, buying additional coverage may be difficult, costly or impossible.

If you are not sure you have enough life insurance to meet your needs, ask yourself these few very important questions:

▪           Do you have enough life insurance to cover your final expenses?

▪           Will your family be able to give me the kind of funeral you want and deserve?

▪           Will there be enough money to take care of your debts and other financial obligations?

▪           Will your family have what they need after you’re gone?

▪           Would you like to continue helping them?

▪           Would you like to leave a large donation to a favorite charity or church?

I can review your current coverage and help you determine if you need more. Because of your age or health, today may be your last chance to purchase additional life insurance. If you want to meet these needs, please don’t delay. Call me today! (561 214 4709)

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Social Security Death Benefits

The U.S. Government Has Not Increased Social Security’s

One-Time Death Benefit in Over Forty Years!


Though your family may be eligible for Social Security’s one-time death benefit of $255, this amount has not increased with the cost of living and is far below today’s average funeral costs.

In fact, the average cost for final expenses—including burial costs, uninsured medical expenses, legal fees and taxes—has reached $20,000.* And that estimate does not include any outstanding bills or obligations.

Life insurance can help pay expenses not covered by Social Security’s death benefit. Life insurance can also protect families from financial burdens resulting from the loss of a loved one.

I will be calling you to discuss options available to you. in the meantime, feel free to contact me at 561 214 4719 to set a time to get together.



Medicare Information : Critical

Health Insurance Education for Lee and Collier County Seniors

We will not attempt to re-create the basic Medicare information. There are plenty of resources, starting with the official (  Medicare is great, but as about everyone who has ever used it knows, it has many “gaps” in coverage. To say the least, it does not cover everything. For starters,  if you need to be admitted to the hospital, there is a deductible of $1,184 you are responsible for. Then if you need to see a doctor, before any “doctor” fees are covered, you have another deductible ($147), and after that, you are only covered for 80% of the allowable charges and your 20% has no ceiling or cap on it.

In addition, Basic  Medicare does not cover prescriptions you have filled outside a hospital.

Again, there is plenty of information in addition to the official and basic medicare information site, and it’s generally provided by insurance companies.

As you would expect, different companies treat insurability coverage in different ways, and virtually no company has all the contingencies

Most people only see or talk with agents of one or two companies and then these agents, when working  for a certain company (as most agents do) are first not going to tell you of the options that their competitors offer that they don’t… .even if the competitor policy would work better for you. Fact is, they might not even know the competitor line and even if they did, if they are not appointed as a sales agent for the competitor company.. they are not even   allowed to tell you as it would imply representation.

So what is a person to do?  In a word, get educated on medicare insurance company offerings. Now this is not as easy as it sounds, because you may not even be prepared to know what questions to ask!

Here’s a starting point: Ask yourself: “What is the purpose of health insurance.. or insurance in general?”   The answer is that health insurance is here to protect one’s financial assets from sudden and unexpected financial disasters.  And what might those be?  These are things in the critical illness family such as cancer, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and the sort, or from accidents.

Insurance is often thought of as to cover things like doctor visits, tests, etc. This is not insurance.. it’s essentially the prepayment of things that ARE expected and not necessarily sudden.   As we age, we EXPECT that we are going to have more frequent doctor visits; more frequent prescriptions, and more frequent tests.

Can insurance help pay for these?  Sure, but you are going to have a share of those costs one way or the other.

So this is what you need to do: Once  you review and understand what insurance is about, you start about evaluating what the various options would cost  you in a “bad medical year”. In other words, you are preparing for the worst case situation. Again, this is what health insurance is about.

Think about and write down what your worst case health year might be. Not the year you had last year if you were healthy; not the year you hope or expect to have with maybe just a couple of tests or doctor visits to check  you blood pressure medicine or cholesterol prescription. What would a worst case year be?

OK.. now you look at the two general families of insurance for seniors: Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans.  You want to see what your probable out of pocket would be in a worst case year  with these two general categories.

But now you run into a road block, because while you recognize the categories, you can’t name the plans because….. you have only been provided the information on maybe the pricing and costs from “Company A” and or “Company B”   OK, you are a shopper.. so lets say also “Company C”.

Some Medicare Supplement Concepts to know

When it comes to Med Sup comparisons… the task is relatively easy (or so you think) because you have learned that the benefits from each company for each plan are totally identical and standardized. It’s the law!   But here’s what maybe you did not know: Not every company has to offer every plan, and when they do, they are free to charge and set their own rates!

Many people are “sold on the idea” of choosing a lower cost plan N than an F because they know they can change plans. Sure.. IF… (1) You are not so ill or incapacitated when you need the    F that you can’t make the change, and (2) If the insurance company will let you without regard for pre existing.

But had you ever heard of the High Deductible Plan F and how to use it to totally reduce costs?

HINT: This is one thing you need me for because I represent most major Medigap companies and can help you in the education process. Note I did not say the “buying ” process. We are quite well regulated as to “selling” or pressure. But we are also charged with the senior ethics responsibility or providing the best help, education, and training to enable our clients to make the decision best for them.. and without a good base of information, you can’t possibly do this. You need me, or another experienced, ethical, and senior agent to help you.

Evaluating Medicare Advantage Options

First, we should be aware of the total annual max out of pocket costs, and we think of the whole body, so we must evaluate not only prem options and copay options but the value added benefits offered by a plan. These range from gym memberships to cash reimbursements to OTC drug benefits. As long as a Medicare Advantage plan covers all A and B mandated requirements, there’s no limit as to what else they can give! But “give” is a misleading word, for to “get” you probably are giving up something. Do you know what it might be?

As agents, we can only discuss benefits of companies we are authorized to represent and we can not even solicit your business! In many cases, we are not allowed to voluntarily even give you a business card!  But you can contact us and ask us for an appointment, but it has to be YOUR choice. We can teach these rules but not ask for  your businesses, make a call to a referral or anything.. Supposedly this protects seniors from harassing sales calls, and maybe it does, but it makes you responsible for getting and absorbing information.  I happen to know an agent who is responsive to requests and he’s the webmaster.

Well, this should give you an idea. If  you have any questions about the learning and education process, as well as what we can do for you, please contact us.

“Final Expense” or Burial Benefits

Not the easiest topic to write about, but one that is vitally necessary.

The first benefit we want to talk with our readers about is the benefit of peace of mind, particularly for those we leave behind.

Anyone who has had to “help the transition” from life to death for a friend, relative, family member knows the tremendous amount of work done from the moment the person “passes”.  It starts with hundreds of questions that need to be answered for the issuance of the death certificate. It has to do with information for the obituary.   Then starts the process of is the “transition” to involve a full blown funeral? If so, where? Who will be the pallmearers? What is the desired music? Is there an officiating minister? Or is there to be a simple cremation? With or without a viewing? What becomes of the ashes?

All these questions need to be answered in some of the moments of highest stress.But much of that stress can be avoided if this information is prepared in advance and kept updated, and as a senior benefit, we are happy to sit down with you and present you with a nice booklet where you can begin to Get Your House In Order.

At that little “sit down” we’ll also share with you some anticipated costs, and help you evaluate with your current assets how you can manage theee. The  most common way is a specialized type of insurance called “Final Expense Insurance” and it can be obtained by virtually any person, or any age, and regardless of standard or normal insurability for life insurance.. This benefit, when issued, will be issued tax free.

If you have not considered the senior final expense benefit, this is the time.

There are many other topics to consider. Some may be Burial Services, Cremation Services, Funeral Arrangements,  Funeral Ceremonies,Funeral Chapels,  Funeral Expenses, Funeral Financing, Funeral Flowers, Funeral Homes, Funeral Insurance, Funeral Life Insurance, Funeral Planning, Funeral Planning Service,  Funeral Planning Services, Funeral Plans,  Funeral Pre Planning, Funeral preparation, Funeral Preplanning, Funeral Service, Funeral Services,  Life Planning,  Local Funeral Services,  Planning Funeral Arrangements, Prepaid Funeral Plans, Prepaid Funerals,     Whole Term Life Insurance

PS.. We’ll also help you with information on free govt provided funeral expenses and information on National Cemeteries (one just south of Wellington on SR7).

Senior Dental Benfits

There’s two things to consider in the area of Senior Dental Benefits. One obviously is the dentist and the care, but the other thing is how you are going to pay for those benefits.

As we age, so do the fillings we had done 30 years ago and they can crack and quickly lead to an infected root which means an expensive root canal job. Gums recede and this leads to another whole set of problems.

Trouble is that these problems can take major money to correct.

You may think you are covered as you have dental insurance, and as you have not really used it much in the past other than for cleanings, xrays, and possibly an occasional filling… you just are not aware of some of the shortcomings. The first one is that many policies auto cancel or are not in force beyond the age 65.

Another pitfall is that the maximum benefit paid in any given year may only be $1000 or $1500. My friend, for major dental work that gets you nothing!

Then many plans have waiting periods and if you are just thinking of taking a new plan out, you may not have the coverage when y ou need it.

Fortunately here in Fl (one of only 3 states with this plan) there is a good senior dental benefit that has none of these pitfalls. YOu can contact the webmaster for information or get it on your own at

This is a benefit every senior should know about, even those with dentures.

Senior Legal Benefits

Legal benefits availability is not commonly on the top of the radar for most seniors, but at very minimum, a checklist of concerns of seniors and or their care takers should include this topic with the goal of at least an initial review on turning 65, and then a yearly update thereafter. Having this done by a conventional attorney can easily run into “3 figures” or more.  Not so with this local senior benefit or senior solution you are going to learn about now..

Topping the list would be a will or possibly a revocable living trust.  The reason is obvious: a change of beneficiaries such as grandchildren may be added; a beneficiary may have passed away; the senior could have become active in retirement in some charitable work and wish to leave something to this cause.

Legal Shield is one exceptionally affordable solution to this need, and while they do  offer the preparation of revocable living trusts, there is a minimal additional charge for that service. However, their services do include will  preparation, as well as access to professional legal counsel that can help the member decide if a RVT is the better vehicle.

Another obvious matter may be in the areas of real estate, particularly if renting. Are there landlord problems? Possibly discriminatory rental increases? Neglect of maintenance matters in the seniors home that truly are landlord responsibilities, but in the past were handled by the renter when physical conditions were better?

Legal  Shield not only covers the senior but also the spouse or significant other at the same base cost. The firm has been in business for 40 years and has over 4 million people as members attesting to it’s value.

While Legal Shield representatives are independent associates, and  there are many to talk with, it is our privilege and pleasure to recommend Joan Quittner right here in Palm Beach County.  Joan is the consummate professional and Legal Shield is her principal and primary profession, and she does it well. This recommendation is based on a personal knowledge of this lady. In addition, she is a senior herself and truly relates to her peers.  Joan can  be reached for a free consultation appointment at 561-307-3687 and definitely tell her Joe referred you to so that you can receive a Free Bonus of a Special Report for Seniors on addressing and solving other senior concerns.

Lastly, seniors are special and often easy targets for identity theft which can wipe out savings in a moment. Legal Shield also offers top Identity Theft protection, so be sure and ask.

Medical and Pain Care… without drugs, surgery, and all that

Aging can be a pain! And there are certain pains that to some extent are unavoidable, such as those associated with arthritis. But even that can be managed in many cases without medication by improving circulation.

Actually, many of our pains are due to the fact as we become seniors, we simply are less active physically on the most part. This means muscles don’t get used and moved that we did when we were younger, and as you don’t use certain parts of your body… pains come to you when you do. Or your body slips “out of alignment”.

For others, physical activity increases. With more free time in retirement, you may be on the golf course 3+ times a week; or you may go hiking or something.

The body in so many cases will heal and correct itself, but the body has to be set up to do that, and the “set up” can be evaluated by a good chiropractor… one who understands and specializes in senior bodies.  One who will not arbitrarily “crunch your bones”, but who will evaluate why you might hurt, and if a chiropractic regimen can alleviate the pain.

You may have begun to accumulate toxins in  your body as our metabolism changes;”crud” may start to accumulate in your colon.

All of these issues can be addressed with the senior benefits of sound chiropractic management. This is used in conjunction with traditional medicine when indicated, but the senior who does NOT include chiropractic management in their staying healthy regimen is missing half of the picture.

We all know that there are literally hundreds of chiropractors to choose from but     on this senior benefits site, we would like to recommend Dr. Ed O’Neill, DC. While there is generally a nominal fee for his initial visit which includes a physical, it’s not one of those “paper history interviews” that many chiropractors advertise as a “first free visit”should he prescribe a regimen of treatment, it may be covered by medicare.(80% coverage per standard medicare terms)  He will work with you and an MD or DO for the prescribing of x-rays and tests so that these also will be covered.

You have nothing  to lose but everything to gain. See the PAGE in this blog for further information.

Financial Benefits for Seniors

As we age, a couple of things dhange. One is our access to, or awareness of many things that occur in the financial area.

Another is that our investment objectives change, starting with tolerance for risk.

What was a good investment plan for us in our 40s and 50s may not be good now. We may be more interested in protecting the assets we have accumulated.

So the the question becomes, “who can you trust” for a no pressure evaluation? Someone who will honestly guide you withoUT their eye on the commission they might make if they change your plan. A person who not only has taken the required “Senior Ethics” courses, but who believes in them.

We believe we know such a person, and you knowing a person like this is certainly a benefit.

Having said that, contact us for the that person’s name  and we will be happy to pass it to you.