Chiropractic and the “Senior”

While there are many excellent chiropractors in the area, the fact that there are multiple disciplines and training universities makes it difficult to measure or select one. Most of us, myself included, are not trained across the board, to make a personal professional recommendation.  Instead, if one were to recommend a particular chiropractor or his/her practice, one may look at experience.. and success. Just many years of experience doesn’t mean much unless it is the right experience.

Results, commitment, and communication are very important, as is the approach to the profession and treatment of the patient.

The image many people have of chiropractic is that it’s “bone crunching” and the chiropractor is the doctor you go to when maybe you have a back or neck pain.  That can work, but when you only go to that doctor for that one treatment, you first are getting the same treatment philosophy you would get from your MD. In other words, your symptom is being treated.

If you go for that pain and it’s your first visit, and you are a “senior”, chances are that on that first visit you won’t get “crunched” or manipulated because the PROFESSIONAL recognizes that for many of us senior, we have brittle bones; we have arthritis, and manipulation without understanding our individual physiology can actually do more harm than good.

The one common thread among most professional chiropractors is the belief that all body and organ health requires an uninterrupted nerve path so that the individual organs can function as designed. Most chiropractors are of the belief and understanding that these nerve paths can be interrupted by various factors, most of all which result in a pinching off of the main super-highway of the nerves.. the spinal cord.

We all know what happens when we get out on I-75 and there’s an incident… a crash, a fire, smoke, etc and what this does to traffic. Say we want to go north to get to the off ramp at the airport, But at or near there,  there’s been  a crash. The road is bottle necked down to one lane. We are going to be late to get to  our destination.

In our body, there may be a pinch and the signal getting down from our brain to our kidney is delayed! A “body bottleneck”  How will the kidney compensate?  It needs a regular flow of “nerve information”.

The interruption could be because of a muscle spasm you got from lifting, from a fall, or from arthritis… many causes. But the kidney doesn’t care. It only knows what’s happening.. but not necessarily why.  The “why” is one of the things the chiropractor determines.

The pinch might not be the only reason the nerve transmission is slowed down. There could have been other trauma; there could have been or is currently some disease.. a tumor, etc… but what if improved message transmission could help the body fight the tumor?   Would you rather have the body use it’s own built in mechanisms, or would you rather have some chemical try to poison it out (and hope that this ‘chemo” is truly selective), or would you want to burn it out (and hope the radiation is properly focused to not do collateral damage), or maybe you’d rather have someone try and go in and cut it out?

This only makes sense when you study and learn about the basic biological design of the body, and we can do this from a pure scientific approach without getting into the religious world of “God didn’t design junk”. The professional chiropractor can and will discuss this basic design with you and at a level you can understand.

We have a great tool in our body, and it’s generally outside influences that work to contradict it. Stress for one, factors such as the environmental contaminants especially free radicals.

Finally–our recommendation

Having shared a little about the philosophy and discipline of chiropractor, and having visited and been the patient of several chiropractors, including 3 others in the area, as your webmaster with Local Senior Benefits, we are pleased and privileged to recommend the practice of  Cenk Chiropractic… 412 987 9767. Website is

There are two chiropractors here… Dr. Cenk, the owner and Dr. Chris Coffman.  Why this practice?  Part of the reason is the passion I see in these men (along with the specialists and therapists on staff ). I can’t evaluate their academic credentials, but only tell you from experience that he has a variety of practice techniques to choose from, and the one he has chosen to treat me with works.

What To Expect

Dr Cenk’s approach is not the typical “treat the symptom” and never see them again. Let’s be realistic. We all are aging, and that’s natural.. but the speed at which we age can be controlled, and most of us don’t recognize that or practice “aging speed control”. You will learn EXACTLY what your body is programmed for at birth in terms of longevity, and then how to exert some control.  You will learn that just as you must perform periodic maintenance on any object subject to aging (your car being a good example) that you take certain preventative maintenance steps.  You will learn that just as your dentist suggests you come by for periodic cleanings and checkups, you should do so for your body. You don’t balk when a Dr says “annual physical time”, but many people “balk” when the chiropractor says, “need to see you again….”  and just as long as you do periodic maintenance on your car, if you think your body is more valuable to you than that piece of steel, then you’ll put yourself into the maintenance routine… and trust me; doing so and preventing major problems is far less costly in time and money than waiting for the thing to break! At the same time, Dr Ed will not pressure you into repeated visits, multiple visit contracts. He knows that you are an adult and a reasonable person. He’ll explain once to  you why maintenance visits are important.. but then working from the philosophy that a person armed with information will come to the conclusions that  fit them best.

In closing this post and page, again, we recognize there are many fine other chiropractors in the area and don’t want to take anything away from the ones who operate a professional practice. For others (we fired one!) who started crunching us on the first visit without any xray or other exams other than “I can see by my experience you are out of alignment”.. what he did not know was the degree of spinal stenosis I have!  Even if you are feeling well now, get to know Dr  Cenk and his principal associate, Chris Hoffman  You’ll be glad you did.


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